astrological conjunctionConjunction: Sun Mercury 1º

During the week of September 9, 2012, the planet Mercury will form a one-degree astrological conjunction with the Sun as it transits. Since we are currently in the Virgo Sun sign, which is ruled by Mercury, expect a very cerebral week ahead.

Although things may not be the best on the relationship front for those signs prone to immaturity and deep emotion, purely intellectual relationships, however, should be stellar.

Expect to feel a strong desire to organize and analyze, as the influence of Mercury is amplified by the Sun in Virgo. As your analytical skills become honed razor sharp this week, mind your tact. You may find yourself coming across a little condescending at times, if you do not choose your words wisely. Try not to be hypercritical of others, as you enjoy picking out their shortcomings with laser like precision.

You may also find yourself bogged down with minutia this week. Keep an eye on your analytical mind, as you are prone to paralysis by over-analyzing minute data. So consumed with every detail, your mind actually slowly stops, as it and all of your senses try to process data to the "nth" degree.

In addition, there is a slight dichotomy between the Mercury ruled signs, and therefore, things may seem contradictory at times. Torn between the need to be social, and the strong feeling that social interaction is a waste of time, you find yourself in a bit of a quandary over the course of the week. However, you will find communication in all forms easy. You articulate with ease as the week flies by.

Furthermore, as with all great thinkers, the anxiety of knowledge is a key issue this week (ignorance is bliss!). Thinking and ruminating lead to high stress and anxiety levels. Keep an eye on your worries, but if you feel like they are consuming you, divert your attention to something else.

To paraphrase Voltaire “do not let the best be the enemy of good" this week. You will feel a strong desire to make everything perfect. Try to be happy with a good outcome, as perfectionism will hamper your ability to appreciate life to its fullest. In addition, "not all that glitters is gold". Quality gifts do not necessarily require someone to spend an excessive amount of money on them. Keep the value of things in perspective this week.

In order to enjoy true happiness this week, you must unconditionally give of yourself. This will bring true happiness into your life. Moreover, the transit and conjunction of Mercury will amplify your giving efforts, and magnify your overall feeling of well-being.