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California Psychics Review – Website reviews


Are you experiencing a crisis of identity? Are you in the process of making a life defining decision? Do you need a change of career? Is your love life on the rocks?

Whatever your problems maybe, you definitely need someone to talk to. Family and friends are good to talk to when the chips are down, but at times getting professional help may be just what you need.

No, I am not talking about seeing a shrink. You need to seek someone that will proffer a different solution to your problem. You need a psychic.

california psychics

Psychics have been around probably as long as people have needed spiritual, emotional, and psychological help.

People have needed psychics to connect with both the dead and living. They have needed psychics to get a glimpse into their future and to avoid unfortunate events from occurring.


While in the old days psychics were seen as nomadic gypsies with tents and crystal balls. These days psychics offer their psychic readings right from the internet. California Psychics is one of such online psychic reading platforms.


This California Psychics Review takes a look at this online psychic network to see if it is first of all a legitimate enterprise and to know if it is worth the time of anyone seeking psychic help.

california psychics review

California Psychics review what you need to know about 


California Psychics is an online psychic reading platform where anyone (18 years and over) can contact a gifted psychic and get a psychic reading session at a price.

This platform consists of psychics from around the world. Many of these psychics are very experienced and specialists in one or more areas of psychic reading.

As a matter of fact, California Psychics ensure that every psychic on their network goes through a tough screening process. Speaking of "areas of psychic reading", the psychics on this network specialize in a variety of readings including; love, relationships, career, dreams, astrology, tarot readings and so on.


On the website you will see some psychics whose display pictures are available on the landing page. The good news is that you get to connect with psychics directly on the site rather than going through a proxy.


Each psychic has a profile page where you get to read the bio of the psychic. This will give you a sense of whether the psychic is ideal for you or not.


In addition, on the profile page of the psychics you will get to see their ratings, view testimonials, and also know if they are available or not. allows you to either text chat their psychics or give them a call. When you get on the profile page of a psychic, you will get to see their phone number.


Apart from going on the profile page of psychics on California Psychics, you can also check out other pages on the website. If you want to learn a great deal about California Psychics, you can go to their "About Us" page. On this page you can also get information on pricing.


There is also a "Features" page where you can get access to;

  • California Psychics blog,
  • California Psychics mobile app (for iOS and Android mobile devices),
  • Astrology & Numerology,
  • Money & Finance,
  • Daily Horoscopes and much more.


On the page labelled "Our Psychics", you have access to every psychic on the network. This is where you can select specific psychics, such as; empath, love and relationship psychics. You can also access testimonials and psychic reviews on this page.


To sign up with you simply need to visit the "My Account" page. Apart from opening a California Psychics account on this page, you will be in a position to enjoy some benefits. These benefits include; daily horoscopes, special discounts and psychic reading offers as well as the Karna Rewards.


A "Support" page is available if you want to link up with the customer support team of California Psychics. However, for a quick review of frequently asked questions and answers, you have a "FAQ" section on the site.


As mentioned before, California Psychics offers their customers an opportunity to always connect with psychics via their FREE mobile apps. You can get these apps directly from Google Play Store here for Android and the App Store here for iOS mobile devices.


The world has changed since the '90s and these days, social media platforms are a very viable source for information. California Psychics is very active on a number of social media platforms such as; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


You can also reach California Psychics on Pinterest or you can call their customer support number on 1-855-833-5649. Subscription Packages


As a new customer of California Psychics, you should know that on the psychic network you can pick one of three different psychic reading subscription packages.

  • The Popular Subscription Package: After you have registered and opened an account on California Psychics, you can subscribe to the entry level Popular Package. Here you will get a psychic reading session for as low as USD$1 per 60 seconds.
  • The Preferred Subscription Package: This is an intermediary psychic reading subscription package that costs USD$2 for just 1 minute. This package allows you to communicate with a psychic via text chat.
  • The Premium Subscription Package: This is a top of the range psychic reading subscription package with a minute session costing you USD$4.


When you want to subscribe to any of the packages highlighted, you will be expected to provide funding for a psychic session with a minimum of 20 full minutes.

So, if you decide to subscribe to the Popular Package you will be required to pay USD$20. For the Preferred Package you will have to pay USD$40 and for the Premium Package you have to pay USD$80. Reviews

You can check in the review of each psychic. Look at the starts to get the customer review. reviews


Conclusion of reviews


California Psychics is a legitimate online psychic reading platform. The site is user-friendly and offers seamless navigation while connecting with the extensive list of talented psychics is quite easy.

There are three psychic reading packages to choose from and you can download their FREE mobile app on iOS/Android mobile phones or tablet devices.

This online psychic network is one of the best out there and comes highly recommended. Certainly, one to try out today!

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