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Can you please tell me if there is any future for us e.g. does 'G' still want me or does he instead now want his ex-girlfriend back (who he had left for me)? Thanks heaps I really need to know, so much uncertainty. I know he really liked me and the attraction is/was mutual. But I am wondering if I hurt him as I can sense he is backing off maybe, or whether he is looking for a serious relationship and is trying to decide who is better as a wife for him. I also wonder if his family/friends/colleagues have influenced him. Thanks heaps.
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Wednesday, September 04 2013, 02:14 PM
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    Thursday, September 05 2013, 10:32 AM - #permalink
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    Hey Nikki. You don't need him and you should loose all strings with him. He didn't something unforgivi g and wrong. Boyfriends are not suppose to that. You can do better and you will do better if you move on from this boy. Obviously he can't make up his mind about who hewants so you make the right ddecision and move on because I know you can and you will find someone better. He's not good for you or your soul. You should definitely move on from this boy. I hope you take my advice.
    Sincerely, Ms.Italiano
    P.s your a woman and you have no time for childish games
    "What does not kill you will only make you stronger"
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