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Keen Review – website reviews

Keen Review of website services

If you are one of many people wondering if Keen Psychics is a network that can be trusted or not. You can count on this Keen review for all the answers you need. The truth is psychics like any other professionals also consist of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

keen reviews

However, Keen Psychic is one of those experienced psychic networks that have been able over the years to build its reputation on trustworthy, dependable, and highly qualified professional psychics.


Keen Psychics have a track record of performance that is about 20 years old. They have more than 1,700 competent psychics on their network.

Each of these psychics have been properly screened and Keen operates a very tight ship. They subject their psychics to a series of tests to ensure they are not charlatans.


The result of their due diligence can be seen in the number of exceptional feedback from tens of thousands of satisfied customers. If you are looking for a psychic advisor to provide you with a psychic reading and offer you answers to your questions, Keen Psychics is where to be.

Five Steps to finding a Psychic on


Without wasting much time, if you want to get in touch with a psychic on Keen Psychics you can do so by following these five steps;


  1. #1: Go to the Keen Psychics official website here.
  2. #2: Register with the site and own an active account.
  3. #3: Select a psychic from the large number available. You can browse through their profile to know if their psychic services are what you need.
  4. #4: Connect with your chosen psychic and receive 180 seconds of FREE psychic reading.
  5. #5: Psychic reading is done either by phone call or by an online chat.


What makes Keen Psychics so Special?


Keen Psychics offers customers an opportunity to rate their psychics. Ratings can be done anonymously and after an encounter with a psychic advisor. This gives the site credibility as psychics with bad ratings will be found out and removed from the network.


So, you are certain that only genuinely qualified psychics are available to help you through your readings. Before you get in touch with a psychic you can check out their profile to see if they have rave reviews or NOT.


Those psychics that were able to somehow sneak through the stringent screening process of Keen Psychics would eventually be exposed. This gives you as a customer the assurance that you are not dealing with scammers, but highly professional and gifted psychics.


Keen Psychics operate a blog where they provide words of wisdom on a number of topics, such as; astrology, tarot, spirituality, and love.


By providing insight into these subjects and more, Keen Psychics have established themselves as one of the most active thought leaders in the field of psychic reading.


In addition, Keen Psychics offer daily horoscope and astrological forecasts which you subscribe to once you sign up with the site.


As mentioned before, as a newbie you are entitled to 180 seconds of FREE psychic reading services before you are charged. This is one network that guarantees customer satisfaction and gives a refund to those customers that are less than satisfied.


To get a refund you simply have to lodge your complaint to their customer support team. You should get a response almost immediately and a refund after an investigation is conducted.


When searching for a psychic on Keen Psychics network, there are different filters you can use. You can even search using a price filter by looking for those psychics with the least psychic reading rates. Psychic reading rates can be as low as USD$1 per minute and as high as USD$10 per minute.


The rates that psychics charge on Keen Psychics network would depend on several factors one of which is the amount of positive feedback that they get from satisfied customers.


Those psychics with a tremendous amount of feedback are able to charge higher rates as they are seen as top psychics. You should always work within your budget. Go for a reasonably revered psychic whose rates fall within your budget.


Psychics can be reached by phone call, there is a "Call Now" button available of you want to speak with a psychic. However, it is not all psychics that use the call option, some prefer the instant messaging chat option as a means of communication.


Psychic Readings offered On Keen

 The psychics on offer a wide range of professional psychic readings. When it comes to relationship matters, there are psychics that specialize in Women's Issues, Love & Relationships, Infidelity, Commitment, and Breakups & Divorce.


Psychics under this network are also expert on subjects, such as;

  • Phobia
  • Career and Work
  • Money and Prosperity
  • Destiny and Life Path
  • Soulmates and Twin Flames
  • Remote Viewing
  • Past Lives
  • Deceased Loved Ones


You can get in touch with different kinds of psychic mediums on Keen Psychics, some of these psychics include;

  • Angel Readers
  • Astrologers
  • Clairaudients
  • Clairsentients
  • Clairvoyants
  • Dream Interpreters
  • Empaths
  • Numerologist Mediums
  • Tarot Readers


These psychics also offer 24/7 services and you can reach them via phone call or instant messaging text chat.


Pros and Cons




  • Over 1,700 talented psychics available.
  • The psychics offer 24/7 psychic services.
  • Availability of different types of gifted psychics from Clairvoyants to Tarot readers.
  • Phone and instant messaging chat services are available.
  • Confidential and anonymous psychic reading available.
  • Customers can browse through the chat transcript and review the outcome of the psychic reading.
  • 180 seconds of FREE psychic reading is available to newbies and to customers meeting psychics for the first time.
  • Keen Psychics operate a satisfaction guarantee policy. With refunds made out to unsatisfied customers.
  • Low psychic reading rates available.



  • There is no live video chat with a psychic advisor. Reviews

You can find beside each psychic a rating in stars. This is made with all the customer reviews. Find your choice checking previous ratings and reviews. reviews


Keen Psychics is a reliable psychic network offering legitimate psychic reading services that cover a wide range of subjects.

You can talk to a psychic in different languages as their psychics are from all over the world and speak a variety of languages.


This network has a long tradition and over time they have acquired thousands of positive testimonies and feedback from satisfied customers. is certainly one that you can check out today. Sign up first and take your time in choosing a psychic that will provide you with answers to your psychic related, spiritual, paranormal, and metaphysical questions.


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