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Is Oranum Psychics Legit?

 There are many psychic sites on the internet and the truth is, not all of them are legit.

In this Oranum review, you will get to know whether the site is legit. You will also learn what to look out for when choosing a psychic as well as the psychic readings available.


However, to answer the question of whether Oranum Psychics is a legit or not. Well, this psychic site is absolutely legitimate.

If you are in the process of taking a very important decision regarding your love life, marriage, career, and business, you can seek the services of a psychic.

At this online psychic site, you will have live access to psychics who can help you in making up your mind on the decision that is best for you.

Your future isn't written yet and there are different paths that are available to you. So whatever you wish to decide on whether it has to do with relationships or your career, the psychics at will help direct you along the best possible path and decision.


The best part of a psychic session with Psychics is that it can be done while you are at home. They offer a live video chat option, so you can have a one-on-one reading session with your psychic.


It is this personal connection with a psychic that makes such a great site. Besides a face-to-face reading with a professional psychic even though its through a live video chat, will provide you with an accurate and clear reading.



Each psychic in Oranum has a list of reviews. The number of stars (in yellow) represent past reviews of the psychic service.

oranum reviews


What makes Oranum Psychics Special?


  • As you click on the Oranum Psychics official website here, the first thing that strikes you is the number of psychics available. On the landing page of this site, you will see the faces of some of the psychics you can connect with via a live chat.
  • The live chat feature is available on a 24/7 timeline. It really doesn't matter where you are located around the world, you can start a live video chat session with a psychic on the site.
  • As you click on the display picture of a psychic, you are immediately transferred to their own page. While you are on the psychic's page, you will notice a free chat room where the psychic can be seen engaging in a live chat with other people.
  • In the chat room, the psychic will offer quick psychic insights to one-off questions asked by those available. If you are still reluctant to book a private live video chat with a psychic, the psychic chat room can help to convince you in no time at all.
  • By watching how the psychic responds to questions asked by people, you would be convinced by their honesty, insight, and prompt response.
  • Private psychic sessions can be done either by a private text chat or live video chat. With the live video chat, the psychic would be in a better position to get a feel of your psychic energy. A face-to-face reading offers you the best psychic results.
  • It is important to note that it is not all the Oranum psychics that offer the live video chat option on their personal page. Such psychics remain "hidden" even when they are available. To speak with such psychics, you will need to visit their personal chat room. There you can also pay for a private psychic reading session with the psychic.
  • The psychics on Oranum work hand-in-hand and one psychic can help you to schedule a psychic reading with another psychic. While on the private pages of the psychics, you can view their calendar and check out the dates that they would be available.
  • Oranum Psychics is home to world renowned psychics. These psychics are vastly experienced, cordial, and professional. Before any psychic is accepted on the site, they would be subjected to a series of tests including sample psychic readings.
  • The screening process is stringent to ensure that only the best psychics available around the world join the Oranum Psychics team.
  • Oranum is known to give out awards to those exceptional psychics that have helped to positively changed the lives of visitors to the site. Review of Available Psychic Readings


There are psychics that specialize in one or more types of psychic readings on Oranum. These psychics offer healing and professional psychic reading opportunities in the following categories;


  • Astrology
  • Clairvoyance
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Eastern Philosophy
  • Home and Family
  • Love and relationships
  • Numerology
  • Palm Reading
  • Rituals and Energies
  • Sound Healing
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Tarot and Card Reading


There are psychics that specialize in one or more categories, you can know more about a psychic by reading their individual profile. The number of Oranum awards won by psychics will give you a good indication of their proficiency.


You can also browse through the testimonies of people that the psychic has helped. Rave reviews are also a good indication of the strength of the psychic you are interested in.


Psychics on Oranum tend to have personal videos on their individual pages. You can view these videos if the psychic is currently not available online. The videos will give you an insight into who the psychic is and what sort for psychic reading he/she specializes in.


Some of the psychic readings and services that Oranum Psychics specialize in include;


  • Angel Communication
  • Animal Psychic
  • Career & Work
  • Chakra Healing
  • Coffee Reading
  • Crystal Healing
  • Dream Analysis
  • Family Issues
  • Feng Shui
  • Holistic Healing
  • Love Reading
  • Mind & Body
  • Past Lives
  • Pendulum
  • Reiki
  • Sound Therapy


Some psychics have fan clubs with special membership deals on offer. These deals include private chats at a discount, priority attention during public char sessions, exclusive content, and extra award points.


Pros and Cons of Psychics


There are pros and cons to using Psychics and these can be seen below;



  • Live video chat psychic reading sessions are available on a 24/7 timeline.
  • You can chat for free with a psychic before purchasing time for a psychic reading session.
  • You have the option of either typing or using your camera during a live video chat.
  • You have access to highly gifted psychics from across the globe. Psychic readings are available in a number of different languages as well.
  • Oranum Psychics offers free credits of up to USD$9.99 for newbies that have recently signed up with the website.
  • Psychics offer a public chat room for a free Q&A session.
  • Psychics have their private walls on the site where original. Content can be shared.
  • Customers can vote for those psychics that they feel are offering outstanding psychic reading services.
  • Psychics have fan clubs where you can get exclusive content and other benefits.
  • Oranum Psychics offers a vibrant live chat and email support to customers.



  • You can't reach a psychic by phone call.
  • Credits are purchased instead of session time measured in minutes.
  • Your satisfaction is not guaranteed.


Oranum Psychics is indeed a reliable psychic network to be on. The live video chat is a great feature to have and one that it many other psychic networks offer. You can definitely give this network a trial today and take advantage of the USD$9.99 free credit offer for newbies.


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