Medium Maya Moon

"Hello and welcome today. My name is Maya and I am a natural born Psychic. I believe that my gifts are blessings from God. I was aware of my special gifts at a very early age, as young as 5 I can recall having visions and interactions with "angels" and what I now refer to as my guides."

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Maya Moon D, Div

Maya Moon D, Div

Hello and welcome today. My name is Maya and I am a natural born Psychic. I believe that my gifts are blessings from God. I was aware of my special gifts at a very early age, as young as 5 I can recall having visions and interactions with "angels" and what I now refer to as my guides.

I have been helping others for 35 years, and am devoted to my work, as this is my true calling. I am able to tune in and read the emotions, intentions and purpose of people. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and also a medium. I often experience messages from those that have crossed over and wish to bring peace to their loved ones still on earth.

I do not use any tools, nor am I an astrologer. All of the information I share with my clients comes from a higher realm, and the information is what each client needs to hear to be able to pursue their highest path and potential. I place people over purpose, and believe strongly in always being honest. I am quite empathic, and all messages are delivered with compassion, strength and love.

I consider myself a "prophet" or a "true".  I am often able to provide details about the past or present that a client has not shared; the purpose in this ability is to establish a sense of trust, so that any predictions, guidance or insight into the future is more easily accepted and believed by the client.

I am an eternal student, and have spent my life developing, understanding and perfecting my gifts. I am highly skilled with understanding Karma, destiny, free will and how these intersect in our life journey. I am able to easily and quickly see obstacles that may prohibit the outcome desired, and the potential or the choices needed to manifest the desired outcome. While I do make predictions and give timeframes, no reading should be based solely on time, as Divine timing always supersedes our human sense of time. I follow the Universal laws, which correlate to a biblical understanding of God or creator. I am accepting of all religions and spiritual belief systems, and while a client's personal religion is irrelevant during a reading, my core belief system is important to understand as it is the basis for my life work.

I believe we as humans carry emotional DNA patterns that often affect and block us from true harmony and joy. I am quite skilled at recognizing these patterns, and assisting or guiding clients in altering or shifting those which do not serve the highest good. I consider myself a professional, and hold myself to a very high moral code and conduct, I will never keep my clients in hire longer than necessary, and will never say things that are not shown to me as true and likely.

A reading or session with me is unlike any other; many of my clients report they feel lighter, more optimistic and better able to accept those things in their life which seem unattainable. It is my true desire to help, and each session is tailored to the specific needs of each client. I am always happy to clarify information shared during a session, as it's important that my clients fully understand all that was shared. I feel it is an honor to share the lives’ and journey of other human beings, and my deep dedication and caring heart always guides my readings. I am a very fast typist, and do not waste time or money, but quickly get to the center of the situation, and present the likely outcome, scenarios and potential. If you are looking for a better life, feel stuck, anxious, chaotic, confused or in conflict, chances are quite high that a session can help you to "unlock" the secrets, and free your spiritual being to help you achieve your personal best. I am constantly amazed at the power of love, miracles and the endurance of the human spirit. It is my honor and my privilege to serve you. We are spiritual beings struggling to live in a human or earthly plane. While traditional counseling certainly has many uses and can be quite helpful, oftentimes a spiritual session gets to the matter quickly and without wasting hours of giving background information. If you feel you have been living in the dark, it's time for a change, come walk in the light with me.

    My Qualifications & Abilities:
  • Certified Aura reader/healer

  • Ordained and licensed Inter-Faith and Spiritual Minister

  • Doctorate in Divinity; PHD in Spiritual Energy- Accredited Esoteric Post Graduate Online University

  • Traditional College; Psychology Major, Families in Crisis, Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Pre-Nursing.

  • I am a psychic and medium gifted in the art of channeling.  I also possess intuitive powers which I use for medical purposes like DNA healing. I Teach the universal laws like the law of attraction. i enjoy the animal kingdom and find I realte with pets very well on a psychical level. I am a firm believer in Karma and an accomplished life path reader.  I also provide Aura and picture readings. If you would like to contact me please You may contact me for a personal consultation by clicking this hyperlinked sentence.

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On December 21, 2012, the world's oldest and most accurate calendar comes to its end. Scientists, prophets, astronomers and historians all agree on the astounding accuracy of the Mayan calendar, and the fact that it does end on December 21, 2012.The Maya were an ancient civilization obsessed with time, using the stars, planets and astronomy to devise calendars that are so precise and accurate that even scientists in the 21st century are hard pressed to duplicate -- or explain -- their vast knowledge and ability. The Mayan calendar dates back to at least the 5th century BCE, and was actually based upon a system used by earlier civilizations. However, the Mayans altered and added to this existing calendar, creating the most sophisticated and accurate measure of time even with current scientific and astronomical knowledge.What does this end really mean? There are facts and then there are speculations. Concurrent with the end...