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Spirit and I are here for you...Spirit speaks to us every day, but you may not hear them. To make things harder, we are all gifted with free will but given confusing guidance on the way to bring us to peace and joy. I am here to tell you that you have the power to change confusion and darkness into focus and light. I am here to relate spirit’s guidance and information to you so that you can make great choices in your pursuit of life, love and your happiness when things get confusing.

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Life Path Numerology

Posted by on in Numerology
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Numerology is the practice of the significance of numbers that dates back thousands of years. None other than the philosopher Pythagoras is considered to be the father of numerology. Pythagoras believed the entire universe could be explained and expressed by numbers. Although he did not invent numerology, it is a practice that is based in his theories.

Numerology is less a form of divination than it is a practice that offers insights from a person’s name and birth date in the belief of giving insight and direction to one’s personality, life lessons and direction. I believe the reason I love numerology so is that although it does contain elements of destiny, it never dismisses the gift of free will of an individual. One might receive indications of directions and personality traits, but they are indicated for the purpose of surmounting the negative aspects and developing the positive ones. The practice works on single digit values of 1 through 9, except for the master numbers 11 and 22.

Life path Numerology is that aspect of Numerology that uses one’s birth date to determine one’s life path, challenges and strengths. The following is a summary of numbers 1-9 along with 11 and 22.

  • People whose birth numerology is 1 are born leaders. Generally ambitious they are also do-it-yourself types that have difficulty accepting assistance. Those born under the 1 energy are blessed with motivation and enthusiasm. The downside is that a 1 can become pushy and controlling when their visions are at stake. They can also be self-absorbed, jealous and a bit O.C.D. This personality works best alone.

  • People whose birth numerology is 2 are optimistic as well as being diplomatic. They generally have a clear idea of fairness and ethics and although they tend to be indecisive in their personal lives, they have inspired ways to resolve matters. Working best in tandem with others, the 2 and is easy to work with. Socialization is tantamount to an idealist and they can become depressed and anxious if they stray from the given path. The 2 loves order they can be ‘collectors’ in the sense that they have a strong pack rat streak.

  • People whose birth number is 3 are creative, witty, imaginative and generally joyful. Because of their innate creativity, they tend to come up with unorthodox solutions. The 3 always plays to win and can be difficult to get along with when their competitive streak emerges. Being very black or white thinkers, when the 3 strays from their path their world can become very dark and this personality tends towards substance abuse.

  • People whose birth number is 4 tend to be highly organized, very hardworking and practical. The 4 is most often viewed as a pillar of their community. The 4 tends to be very strong willed and can be viewed as selfish when trying to press an agenda. The 4 will go a long way to avoid people thinking badly of them. The 4 tends to be very set in their ways, and unimaginative. They have but one or two friends to which they are very loyal and the rest are acquaintances.

  • The 5 loves to socialize, is willing to take chances and loves to appear to be generous. Those born under this number are highly inquisitive and abstract thinkers. Drawn towards puzzles you will often find the 5 drawn to careers as scientists, anthropologists and teachers. They tend to be ‘jacks of all trades’ but tend to have difficulty staying on task. Chaos is the motivator of the opportunist and that can be very difficult on those who live, work and play with them.

  • The 6 is the most dependable, compassionate and nurturing of the numerology spectrum. You will often find them drawn to careers in the service of others such as doctors, nurses, police and firefighters. They are generally mature souls who are unafraid to take responsibility. They are also natural born leaders. A 6 must guard against taking on other people’s problems and entering into codependency situations.

  • The Seeker. The 7 is inquisitive, spiritually minded and often seen as eccentric. They are happiest when pursuing intellectual goals. They are meticulous in their work and tend to shy away from chaotic people and places. The 7 tends to have narrow and sometimes myopic views of relationship and they do not make friends easily. Because the 7 tends to be analytical and skeptical they tend to dismiss popular culture and all things associated with it. As a result they can become pessimistic, cynical and isolate themselves.

  • The 8 are people who seek to become accomplished and educated which results in a wealth of culture, diversity of friends and often, money comes easily to them as they are very adept at spotting trends and opportunities. The 8 is often charismatic personality who leans toward the social climber energy. Because their goals are gear toward status, they can be tyrants to love, live and work with. This might seem in conflict with the fact that the 8 is the most charitably minded of the numerology spectrum.

  • The 9 is analytical, inspirational and highly intuitive. Of the numerology spectrum, the 9 is the humanitarian. They tend to have high moral standards and their ethics tend toward diplomatic, ecological and social values. They are willing to take on and fight the good fight for justice for themselves and others without the reward of monetary gain. Their goal is spiritual and tends not to be materialistic. They despise drama but will take on the fight because of a strong sense of justice. The 9 does lack perspective in that it tends to think the best of everyone and can become disillusioned and angry when that perspective proves false. The 9 must guard against blind trust and must learn the difference between forgiveness and trusting.

Master Numbers:

Eleven: The 11 is enlightened, looks to the future and strives to hold an enlightened view of the world and humanity. Their path is concerned with spiritual enlightenment. The 11 will often sacrifice everything – family, love and friends in order to pursue metaphysical and occult knowledge. They are chameleons when it comes to careers often changing careers every few years impacting financial security. In that regard they are late bloomers and often do not attain financial security until middle age. The visionary often tends to the dysfunctional emotionally as well, often suffering from depression and are often thought to be bipolar and schizophrenic in nature. The visionary is often viewed as a dreamer in modern society and rarely attains any material or financial success.

Twenty-two: The 22 is goal oriented, business minded and is focused on the international or wide-ranging rather than the domestic. This is probably the most powerful personality in terms of manifesting things into reality. They work for material gain with the idea that wealth needs to be spread in order to do any good. These personalities often achieve great success and prestige, but it is secondary to their goals which are globally ascension oriented in nature. The 22 has difficulty with remaining flexible to enable others to make their own contribution to the larger picture and tend toward the manipulative energy.

When I first started learning about numerology, the first thing I learned was that birth dates, once calculated, give indications to one’s life path. This is a simple calculation you can do for yourself. One adds their birth date numbers together until one comes down to a single value. I will use my own birth date as an example:

February 9, 1960 or 02-09-1960

At this point you add the numbers together:

2+9+1+9+6+0= 27

Because 27 is not a single value number we add those digits together:

2+7 = 9

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Spirit speaks to us every day, but you may not hear them. To make things harder, we are all gifted with free will but given confusing guidance on the way to bring us to peace and joy. I am here to tell you that you have the power to change confusion and darkness into focus and light. I am here to relate spirit’s guidance and information to you so that you can make great choices in your pursuit of life, love and your happiness when things get confusing.

I am a natural born medium. As a medium, I look at the energies spirit shows me at a level on which you might be unaware. Those energies can tell me about you, the people around you and what is in their hearts. These energies also tell me about situations from your past, present and future. I communicate with the spirits around you that come to work with me and look down the karmic path you’re walking. Be comforted that there is no judgment and no guilt at what spirit shows me. I am very grass roots in my spirituality in that I believe you embrace that which works and makes sense for you. It’s all good!

As we begin our session I tune in to your energies and chat with you a moment or two. As we do this, I look to see if there are holes in your aura and I send healing energy. Very often the spirits that will work with me to gain information for you are already with me when you contact me and sometimes ask that I relay messages from them first. Sometimes they address issues that aren’t in the forefront of your mind, but very often they begin by addressing what’s on your mind. This sounds like a long process, but it really isn’t. It only takes a few moments.

Please note that sometimes those spirits are guides you may not recognize and sometimes they are family members that have transitioned. If you do not wish me to identify family members please tell me in advance. I would also ask that you understand that sometimes family members you’re looking to speak with may not enter into conversation when asked. You also need to keep in mind that the troubles and the karma that was in play during life are not in play when spirit has transitioned so again, there is no ill will.

I request that you only ask me one or two questions at a time. Once those have been addressed we will move on to other questions. Spirit answers things in their own way and their own time. I want to be sure that you, spirit and I are on the same page when addressing something so I will ask you for confirmation. I would also ask that you understand that although spirit might be selective in responding to questions about a third party, I will always tell you what they do share with me even if I know it’s not what you were hoping to hear.

I wish you many blessings to you and yours. Spirit and I are here for you.


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