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"Hello and welcome today. My name is Maya and I am a natural born Psychic. I believe that my gifts are blessings from God. I was aware of my special gifts at a very early age, as young as 5 I can recall having visions and interactions with "angels" and what I now refer to as my guides."

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Finding Your Soul Mate: Why Females Leave too Early or Stay too Long

Posted by on in Psychic Insight
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2013 A New Year for Love:

A new year always brings the anticipation of finding love, a fresh start, and 365 days of new opportunities. The majority of single females are not single by choice, but rather as a result of a relationship split; often times assuming they are simply not worthy of any available decent males love and affection.

With countless online dating sites, clubs, organizations, classes, and various other venues for meeting others, the problem is certainly not opportunity. While this can be true of males as well, females seem to experience the most challenges when it comes to finding “Mr. Right” and being able to identify early warning signs, while at the same time acknowledging true potential. In fact, it often becomes a pattern ingrained in the emotional DNA of females. So much so that most of us are not even aware of the crucial mistakes we make, and the serious warnings we ignore.

If you are alone as you read this, or even worse suffering from the chronic disappointment associated with a current or past relationship then perhaps 2013 is the time to try something new.

Leaving Too Early:

I have found, in my work, with female clients that much too often they overlook or ignore decent guys by making excuses such as feeling no attraction, or allowing trivial matters to cloud their judgment before they even get to a first date. Yet these very same females will pursue or allow involvement with men who are married, or in serious committed relationships; males who from the very beginning are clear and honest about not being interested or ready for any type of monogamous relationship. Challenges, in life, help us to grow, but taking on a romantic relationship with serious dysfunction that is often obvious from the start only leads to disappointment, chaos, and conflict. Moreover, the disruptive effects of these types of relationships linger, in our lives, even after they are over; often keeping us spiritually off balance and preventing us from forming "normal" healthy relationships, in the near-term.

Dating in the online world, like meeting face to face, should have some basic criteria, and of course one should always put personal safety first. But, with a few small changes to how females relate during their very first encounters, they can increase the chances of meeting someone with true potential as a life partner; perhaps even a soul mate.

Dating, in the very early stages, should be seen as a chance to share time with someone that might become a friend. Romance is of course the ultimate goal, but placing too much emphasis on attraction, in those first moments, often closes numerous doors on not just the opportunities ahead with that particular person, but also on the entire domain of new friends, family, and social interactions that emanate from them. There are not many of us (male or female) who could not use another good friend. Moreover, good friends hold the keys to unlocking potential love connections secreted away within their social circles.

Physical attraction often does happen immediately, but it is also just as likely to develop within a few dates, or outings. I use the three date rule, if by three dates, or three encounters there simply is zero spark then such a person is probably not going to end up a life mate or partner, but could very well be a close friend for life, and again, that one person has the potential to introduce you to numerous other potential persons, in their social circle.

What's Trivial:

The man wears a flannel shirt and you prefer modern attire; he sports a beard, and you always admire a clean-shaven face. In the event this leads to a life relationship, these minor issues are going to be quite irrelevant when compared to trust, ambition, and drive. Because being emotionally ready and willing to make a commitment is the ultimate factor that leads to a relationship not whether or not someones garb jibes with our predefined stereotype of what a perfect male should wear.

A good example of this concept would be searching online where a broader search criterion, in the search query, yields a larger set of possible results to choose from. The same can be said for searching for a life partner, in 2013. Because, the less judgmental we are initially the more likely we are to find a "love match" that lasts.

I recommend that when a female client is meeting a male for the first time, or has perhaps just met someone in a social setting, asking this one very important question: Is he a gentleman? While this may seem like an old-fashioned statement your grandmother would more than certainly agree that a “gentleman” has a strong set of moral values that symbolize the core beliefs needed for a successful relationship like honor, respect, and fidelity.

Try to move past the "all" or "nothing" mindset that pigeon holes men into categories or types, in the new year. Try to keep an open mind instead. Look for positive qualities like humor, common interests, or charm instead of looking for the often arbitrary exclusionary criteria that you predefine before a date. Most importantly, however, do not forget to have fun and enjoy the thrill of the new experience of a first date!

Each time we allow ourselves to meet someone new, we not only expand our social circle, but we expand our zone of control, as we open our spiritual and emotional being just a little bit more. A good question to ask in an internal monologue is "does this person appear to be someone I could be friends with?". If the answer is "yes", then a couple of dates are certainly in order. Use the same criteria in dating for a possible romantic partner as you would for seeking out a friendship. Because, in that scenario, their overall physical appearance is probably not going to be the only factor you base your decision upon.

Leaving Too Late:

For many females, the greater the challenge the longer they stay. We often ignore the frustration, anguish, doubt and despair continuing to seek the company of a male that has shown us quite clearly that a true long-term or life mate/partner relationship is going to be virtually impossible. For example, here are some common ones I come across:

1.) He is married, or in a committed relationship.

2.) He has serious drug or alcohol issues.

3.) His coping skills around intimacy are to disappear and not answer your texts, emails and phone calls for days.

Worse yet is the male that after a whirlwind start with lots of chemistry and consistent contact confesses that he is simply “not looking” for anything serious. Logically we know this is the time to end things. Hopefully before we have spent too much time and/or resources in justifying all of these unacceptable situations and behaviors. But instead quite often the nurturing “I can change/fix him” aspect comes bounding out, and we find ourselves on an endless roller coaster, constantly seeking reassurance based on those first moments/days/times of connection and chemistry and every bit of good sense we had prior seems to have disappeared. In these cases, most of our friends and family have advised us to leave, to let go and move on. In addition, these clients often become addicted to psychics and readings. They are not receiving the “proof” or behaviors, actions etc. from the male, so they look to alternative methods to justify remaining, and compromise most if not all of their core values and beliefs simply because there were some good times, and such strong chemistry.

The longer we remain in these dysfunctional relationships the more dysfunction becomes normal. We often begin to internalize or define our life and self-worth by external factors like a returned phone call, a promise, or even intimacy. While hope certainly goes hand in hand with love when “hope” becomes a constant maladaptive coping strategy we find ourselves trapped. Often living only for a fantastical future where we affected a miraculous change in our significant others personality. Hope at this juncture only serves to enable dysfunction, and the joy of each day, or moment is bypassed, and overlooked. In its place, we find only the bitter loneliness, agonizing misery, and total unmanageability, of our disillusioned lives.

Remember that Universal law dictates that a new door open for each door that shuts. Therefore, in our pursuit of true love our fears and reluctance to let go often prevents the limitless future opportunities that the universe provides us to abound in our lives.

In conclusion, finding love can be a happy and joyous adventure. Learn to be more open and accepting, in the very beginning then strict, firm, and holding onto solid boundaries once involved. It’s January 1 2013, and we each hold the power and the secret to making it our year of love!

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Hello and welcome today. My name is Maya and I am a natural born Psychic. I believe that my gifts are blessings from God. I was aware of my special gifts at a very early age, as young as 5 I can recall having visions and interactions with "angels" and what I now refer to as my guides.

I have been helping others for 35 years, and am devoted to my work, as this is my true calling. I am able to tune in and read the emotions, intentions and purpose of people. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and also a medium. I often experience messages from those that have crossed over and wish to bring peace to their loved ones still on earth.

I do not use any tools, nor am I an astrologer. All of the information I share with my clients comes from a higher realm, and the information is what each client needs to hear to be able to pursue their highest path and potential. I place people over purpose, and believe strongly in always being honest. I am quite empathic, and all messages are delivered with compassion, strength and love.

I consider myself a "prophet" or a "true".  I am often able to provide details about the past or present that a client has not shared; the purpose in this ability is to establish a sense of trust, so that any predictions, guidance or insight into the future is more easily accepted and believed by the client.

I am an eternal student, and have spent my life developing, understanding and perfecting my gifts. I am highly skilled with understanding Karma, destiny, free will and how these intersect in our life journey. I am able to easily and quickly see obstacles that may prohibit the outcome desired, and the potential or the choices needed to manifest the desired outcome. While I do make predictions and give timeframes, no reading should be based solely on time, as Divine timing always supersedes our human sense of time. I follow the Universal laws, which correlate to a biblical understanding of God or creator. I am accepting of all religions and spiritual belief systems, and while a client's personal religion is irrelevant during a reading, my core belief system is important to understand as it is the basis for my life work.

I believe we as humans carry emotional DNA patterns that often affect and block us from true harmony and joy. I am quite skilled at recognizing these patterns, and assisting or guiding clients in altering or shifting those which do not serve the highest good. I consider myself a professional, and hold myself to a very high moral code and conduct, I will never keep my clients in hire longer than necessary, and will never say things that are not shown to me as true and likely.

A reading or session with me is unlike any other; many of my clients report they feel lighter, more optimistic and better able to accept those things in their life which seem unattainable. It is my true desire to help, and each session is tailored to the specific needs of each client. I am always happy to clarify information shared during a session, as it's important that my clients fully understand all that was shared. I feel it is an honor to share the lives’ and journey of other human beings, and my deep dedication and caring heart always guides my readings. I am a very fast typist, and do not waste time or money, but quickly get to the center of the situation, and present the likely outcome, scenarios and potential. If you are looking for a better life, feel stuck, anxious, chaotic, confused or in conflict, chances are quite high that a session can help you to "unlock" the secrets, and free your spiritual being to help you achieve your personal best. I am constantly amazed at the power of love, miracles and the endurance of the human spirit. It is my honor and my privilege to serve you. We are spiritual beings struggling to live in a human or earthly plane. While traditional counseling certainly has many uses and can be quite helpful, oftentimes a spiritual session gets to the matter quickly and without wasting hours of giving background information. If you feel you have been living in the dark, it's time for a change, come walk in the light with me.

    My Qualifications & Abilities:
  • Certified Aura reader/healer

  • Ordained and licensed Inter-Faith and Spiritual Minister

  • Doctorate in Divinity; PHD in Spiritual Energy- Accredited Esoteric Post Graduate Online University

  • Traditional College; Psychology Major, Families in Crisis, Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Pre-Nursing.

  • I am a psychic and medium gifted in the art of channeling.  I also possess intuitive powers which I use for medical purposes like DNA healing. I Teach the universal laws like the law of attraction. i enjoy the animal kingdom and find I realte with pets very well on a psychical level. I am a firm believer in Karma and an accomplished life path reader.  I also provide Aura and picture readings. If you would like to contact me please You may contact me for a personal consultation by clicking this hyperlinked sentence.


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