What are Runes?

Runes are the base components of the ancient symbolic scripts used as alphabets by the Norse, Celtic, and Anglo-Saxon peoples (Circa 150 CE – 1200 CE). During the period of 150 CE to 800 CE the first runes named the “Elder Futhark” (named after the first six characters in the script) enjoyed a variety of uses but primarily formed the written language of the early Germanic tribes.

Although, some debate exisits as to the primary purpose of the scripts the nature of their use in inscriptions is self-evident throughout the artifacts recovered from the time period. However, the use of the "Elder Futhark" in the pagan practices of the time is also equally supported by the facts.

Therefore, the "Elder Futhark" runes along with its progeny the sixteen rune “Younger Futhark” (Circa 800CE-1200CE), and the thirty-six rune Anglo-Saxon “Futhork” (Circa 400CE-1200CE) enjoy a rich linguistic history that includes their uses in divinatory practices, and the occult.

True descendents of their Phoenician parent language, which gave rise to languages like the Latin and Greek, these scripts, took on a life of their own, and imparted mystical meanings to everyday objects made of stone, wood, and bone. In fact, the art of casting runes to provide readings about future events dates back to the ancient Germanic tribes of Europe (although this was a secondary use of the scripts not their primary purpose or function).

However, with the widespread adoption of Christianity, and the incorporation of Latin into languages across Europe during the Middle Ages the divinatory arts including rune casting and the Germanic based rune script it was based upon rapidly became a frowned upon pagan practice and deprecated language respectively.

Fortunately, many of these practices remained in the “occult underground” of the time, and in the historic record until people became more tolerant of differing spiritual beliefs.

In the modern day runes enjoy a rich following and many devote their lives to making, casting, and divining future events from these mysterious artifacts composed of the Germanic rune scripts.

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Images of the Elder Futhark Runes Script with Mouse Over Interpretations